Support the Audit of Nebo Schools District

The events taking place at Nebo School District — specifically Mount Nebo Middle school — are only escalating.  As part of an ongoing commitment to addressing these concerns and ensuring there is truly a thorough and transparent investigation we are asking for each and every individual affected by this to help.  


Unfortunately, it is no surprise that the Nebo School District opened and closed an investigation quicker than you can blink, but the manner in which they did so is causing concern of parents, teachers, board members and others at the state level to call foul play.

R277-613-5 guides how these investigations are implemented. Triggering an audit is essential.

However, this quality check on school systems will bear no fruit if the families and students affected have not taken this one simple step: listing below what you would like to have investigated! (be kind, articulate, and list things in need of investigation.)

You are not alone in this, even though googling the main media online and the deafening silence from your local school leaders make you think you are.  Help us so WE CAN HELP YOU!

Please use the form below to send an ORIGINAL and PERSONAL message to members of the USBE (Utah State Board of Education).   
Please use your own words. 

Email members of the board!

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