Oppose Changes to the Legislative Direction to Public Education

 Write the legislature and assert your position that they VOTE NO on HB 442 (this made it out of committee and headed to the House Floor).

Utah State Law already provides public education’s mission and vision.  The current code can be viewed below.

Reasons to oppose this bill are listed, but not limited to the following. 

  1. This bill will FULLY REPEAL the language in 53E-2-301 (see below) and put the mission and vision of Public Education in the hands of a board who may not be reflective of your view on making a statewide policy change of this magnitude.
  2. The current codified language is positive, forthright and while it may not meet everyone’s standards, it is clear and honors parental rights and local control. This bill is not necessary.  
  3. Should the Legislature or Board wish to amend the current code, a forthright bill should be introduced to amend the current code rather than to repeal it completely.  
  4. The method used in presenting this bill disregards the statutes already in place to direct the USBE and risks allowing the Board to go in a direction not sanctioned by the public.
  5. Should HB442 pass, there would be no law in place to direct the vision and mission of public education for at least one year, leaving the Board to move in any direction it chooses without a guiding beacon.  

Email members of the Legislature

HB 442 intends to repeal this code.

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