Save Utah’s Flag

 Write the legislature and assert your position that they VOTE NO on changes to Utah’s flag.  It is fiscally irresponsible and doesn’t align with the will of the people.

  1. By majority polls, people do not want the flag changed. This must be respected.
  2. Utah doesn’t need a new flag.  It is that simple.  
  3. Fiscally irresponsibility.  It’s going to cost way too much money to change out, which creates waste. In a time of great inflation, it creates MORE waste.  
  4. Utahns are struggling to make ends meet and this kind of frivolous spending is unconscionable. Give the surplus back to the people.
  5. In a time when people have seen history being erased, people are extremely sensitive and want to hold onto tradition and their heritage.  Utahns shouldn’t hide from their history.
  6. Our flag should represent history, not tribalism (such as incorporating the rainbow on our state flag (that some have done), which leads to division, tribalism, and not representative to one Utah that fosters unity). 


Email members of the Legislature

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