Support HB 464 – School Materials Amendments

 Write the legislature and assert your position that they VOTE YES on HB 464.

Parents have challenged hundreds of books that violate the original HB374 law and they are STILL IN OUR SCHOOLS!

This bill will help save time and money by further streamlining the process to remove pornographic material.

Reasons to support this bill are listed, but not limited to the following. 

  1. The books that districts have found or find to be sexually explicit will be removed statewide if their decision is ratified by the USBE.
  2. Books must be immediately removed from a school district while undergoing review if they have been reported for violating state code bright line rule in 76-10-1227 (2)(c) https://le.utah.gov/xcode/Title76/Chapter10/76-10-S1227.html
  3. The bill instructs the USBE to adopt a rating system that addresses age appropriate material including vulgar language, self-harm, drug use, etc., which would guide future acquisitions.
  4. Provides that parents must be given 30 days prior written notice of any material that doesn’t comply with the age appropriateness of the rating system.


Furthermore, the bill:

  • It gives school districts the authority to remove the offending books (they are in fear of lawsuits from organizations that want to spread obscenity and sexually explicit material to children). If schools follow this law, they can rely on that in defending against possible lawsuits. 
  • Outlines a procedure that is clear and easily followed. (Some districts have policies that provide for long and expensive reviews that unnecessarily complicate and lengthen the review process).
  • This bill gives transparency to the public about which materials have been challenged and what the results of such challenges are and provides for judicial review of the decisions to retain materials. 

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